The colours, textures of small enterprises in the Iconic Bush. No. 3 in the Series on Small Business

Mabharule Youth in Action is a dance troupe of some 54 members and is run as a small enterprise that offers a cultural dance service to the lodges in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. The troupe also performs at weddings and cultural evets held in the villages.  The group consists of both young and adult members who get together after work and school to practice and perfect their dance moves.


Through this business, the group members generate supplementary income and at the same time show case, preserve the dance and story telling culture of the Shangaan people. Another video can be viewed at this link Mabarhule Youth In Action

The colours, textures of small businesses in the iconic bush. No. 1 in the Series on Small Businesses

The Pfunanani (Xi Tsonga for “lets help each other”) Enterprise Development Project works with small and micro enterprises in select villages in the iconic bush.Buffelshoek Trust

This dance troupe is located in the village of Utah (GPS coordinates: -24.70 latitude, 31.44 longitude), near Gowrie Gate  ( The troupe often performs for guests at lodges in the Sabi Sand, showcasing traditional dances and songs.Buffelshoek Trust

Eager and adventuresome guests visiting the Sabi Sand Game Reserve are demanding a village experience where they actually go out into the villages and experience the vibe. Working together with lodges in the Sabi Sand, this businesses, known as Bekaamqalayo (which means, “watch the one who provokes you”) Cultural Renaissance, will be included in village tours.Buffelshoek Trust

The owner of the business, is a singer and story teller with extensive knowledge of the history of the village and its surrounding areas. The village of Utah is one of the last villages in South Africa, before Mozambique. The Kruger National Park, ( separates the two.

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