About me

I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it. Michael J. Fox

Call to action! When you are next in any of the three, iconic landscapes, please support local businesses by purchasing your goods and services from them. A directory of local businesses and nearest gate into the Sabi Sand Game Reserve http://www.sabisand.co.za can be found at http://www.pedproject.co.za

My work as a local economic development practitioner is very interesting and allows me to connect local businesses to opportunities offered by local markets. I am passionate about the well being of my family, I love the iconic landscapes in three of South Africa’s hot biodiversity spots, good food, beautiful things, positiveness and possibilities offered by longevity.

Patterns in the Trees of Life in the Iconic Bush

When I am in the iconic bush,  I have time to look up to the skies and in expectation mode, challenge the sky with questions like  “Whats up sky? Tell me something different, What have you in store for us this evening?”

The images I share with you today,  have been taken at different times of the day and show the beautiful interruptions to my expected, clear, direct, visions, when I look up to the skies in the iconic bush.

At dusk (about 6h30 in the evening), when I arrived at my camp, I captured these images of trees against a blue hue provided by the evening skies in the iconic bush.  The images of trees just a few steps from my tent.


Stand alone tree


Tree meets tree in the skies


Tree meets tree



3 x tree meets tree meets tree in the skies








The patterns they make are just nature incredible in the iconic bush.


Magic tree patterns, when you look up the skies

Yet again, at Justicia village, the two images are tough to ignore:

Stand aloe tree at Justicia village

Stand aloe tree at Justicia village

Look at Justicia through the trees

Look at Justicia through the trees








Further on, as I drive through the villages, during the day, in the village of Lephong, the trees looked like this:


Lephong through the trees



Lephong: Mango tree when you look up to the skies through the leaves

Rare sights, in the night

imageAhhhhh! the rewards of being in the iconic bush! Rare sightings! From my tent, I could hear this big male lion roaring from miles away. Finally, I got a night glimpse at his royal highness, with a night game range driver in pursuit. From my tent, it looked like this: