Tired,humiliated lion

We spent the night at Jacana Camp, a privately owned, syndicated establishment (i.e not for hire but for exclusive use by syndicate members). An early morning game drive  in the http://Sabi Sand Game Reserve  exposed us to various wild life creatures. We came across this lonely lion, looking tired and gaunt. Our Game Ranger, Abel, explained that this lion had been involved in a fight the previous night with members of its pride. The lion was paying us a “no never mind”, which is why we were able to get close to him. He was tired and had not eaten (so we would have been easy prey if he had the energy).

IMG_2955The buffalo and elephants, on the other hand, welcomed the morning with much aplomb!



Rhino Song collabo, Utah village,Bushbuckridge

The Buffelshoek Trust presents a collaborative effort between a local sory teller, based in the village of Utah, K.D. Mabunda and two musicians, Daniel Eppel fromEdible Audio Studios, Cape Town and Craig Charnock (Quite a White Ou).The Rhino song will help create awareness about this endangered species. Wach the promo video, check out the village of Utah  and listen to  a taste of traditional song infused with contemporary beats here https://vimeo.com/146610778