Climate change in the Iconic bush: Butternut and wild creatures

It is September, 2016 and normally rains would come in July so that farmers can plant butternut in the first week of September. So… the rains are late. Planting in a dry season  is tough! The farmers have to rely on water tanks and pumps to irrigate their fields from a nearby river stream.

During my last visit to the iconic bush, the images below were a true testament of how the earth and the trees were truly dry. On arrival, we were greeted by this Zebra, from a nearby, man made water hole for the animals.


Zebra in the dry bushveld

We were stationed at  Timbavati Eco School where all manner of creatures show themselves: The giraffe prance around looking to pick the juicy leaves on tree tops. An occasional kudu visits when they can.


Hungry giraffe chewing on the juicy leaves on the tree top

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